After Show Is Booked 

Thank you so much for booking a show!   Below is some information that will help you once you book Kevin for a show.

Wall Power & Flat-Bed Cart  – Kevin brings everything he needs for  his show except wall power to plug into and a flat-bed cart.  (and he just needs a room that can get dark once the everyone is settled.

There are a few things to consider to help make the process easier for you. Please note – there is no rush for this information at the time of booking.

1. Choose a Program – Choose the program you want or Kevin can help you choose a program based on what you are looking for. Click on SHOW MENU for your show options.

2. Choose Your Location of Show – Auditorium, Gymnasium, Lunch Room, Outside – or other not listed.

Kevin prefers an auditorium or a place where it can be reasonably dark for viewing of video screen and light show. The darker the better as it really adds the experience and the enjoyment of the show.  He brings over 15K worth of state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the enjoyment of the show.

3. Show Dates & Times – Once a show date is decided, start time is the next decision. Kevin show runs about 45 – 55 minutes, if more time is need please let Kevin know. Extra time may raise the price slightly depending on the situation.

4. Number of Students – There is no limit to the number of students attending a show, however, the number of students may effect the price. Some schools do back-to-back shows if the number of students start approaching 500 or more or if all students can’t fit in the area for the show… Kevin often offers a discount for the second show for back-to-back shows.

5. Load In & Load Out – It usually takes Kevin about 2 hours prior to load in and setup and ensure he will be ready to start on time. It usually takes about one hour to break down and load out. This can vary slightly depending on each school. Kevin usually needs a flat-bed cart if at all possible.

6. Power – Kevin uses regular wall power and it possible, he needs to within 50 feet of the power source.

7. Flat-bed Cart – Most all schools have some sort of flat-bed cart they use to move things. If possible, Kevin would appreciate being able to use it to load equipment in and out quicker. If this is an issue, please let Kevin know.

8. Nothing Additional Needed – For all shows, Kevin brings his own PA, Lights, Video Screen, Props, etc… he brings everything he needs to put on his award-winning show! He does not need a stage but he’s happy to use one if it’s available.

9. Flexible! – Kevin will work you day of to make sure all goes smooth. He understands that things do change and he will do all he can to work with you to fit in your schedule and will do all he can to help make your event a big success.

10. FAQ – For addition questions, please contact Kevin or click on FAQs section.  Click here for more information on shows!