Program 4

Our “Bully-Free” School Show!

“Thanks to Me, We’re Bully-Free”


Character Education: Anti-Bullying  

For Audiences – Pre-K to 8th Grade

Anti-bullying Show #3

This program begins with students understanding what bullying is, how to identify bullying, and then discusses what to do in a bullying situation. Students are taught a simple, yet powerful, 4-Step process which they quickly learn and can apply immediately in any bullying situation. There is an important section on what to do if you witness bullying and how bystanders can – and should – help! Kevin excites audiences with fun, familiar, and upbeat songs and actively engages the students for an enjoyable and memorable learning experiences.


“First I’d like to thank you again for the wonderful show that you provided for our students here at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School on March 27th.  Our students are still talking about it!  And it has provided an excellent springboard for us in instructing students regarding what to do in bullying situations.

I thought you might be interested to know how we’ve put your STOP & THINK-BE STRONG-GET HELP approach to work.  This year, in line with the new DASA regulations, our school is incorporating teacher-led bully prevention lessons right into the school “curriculum”.  Members of our Character Ed Committee, including myself, are developing an age appropriate program that responds to the particular school needs.  As part of our program (the foundation of it really) we’ve decided to adopt your Stop & Think-Be Strong-Get Help approach to responding to bullying situations.  Our bully prevention lessons take place twice a month right now and all classrooms participate.  I’m attaching the PowerPoint here so that you can see for yourself how we’re implementing your approach.

Next year we plan to expand the 6 lesson pilot program that we started this year, and I know that we will build on your approach. Thank you so much for sharing this simple, practical, and what I predict will be an effective intervention for students to follow when bullying occurs. We look forward to working with you in the future!”

Joanne Wilton, LCSW-R
School Social Worker
Cheektowaga-Sloan Family Solutions Center


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