Program 5

Friends Forever Show!


Character Education: Making & Keeping Friends

For Audiences – Pre-K to 8th Grade


Building solid friendships is one of the most important keys in a happy and successful life. This program teaches students how to make friends, be a good friend, and how to develop lasting friendships for life. Most people are ever taught how to be a good friend. Kevin reveals a number of simple but important keys to friendship so that students may make many “friends forever”! Kevin excites audiences with fun, familiar, and upbeat songs and actively engages the students for an enjoyable and memorable learning experiences.


“Thank you for the smiles you put on our students’ faces!  Your inspiring message was clear, and presented in a fun, energetic way that really connected with the kids.  As one of the students said, “I never thought my first awesome party would be at school!”. By the time you were done, our auditorium was busting at the seems with happiness!!  Thanks again Kevin!”Jillian Allessi – Teacher & Assembly Coordinator – Starpoint


“I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to thank you in person yesterday…you were AMAZING! Your show was hand down the best assemly we’ve every had. The kids were active and engaged throughout. I was really impressed with your personalization and your control of the room. It was a controlled party in a fun package and I think the kids will be talking about it for awhile. THANKS AGAIN!  – Barbara E Held – Teacher & Assembly Coordinator,  H.O. Brumsted Elementary – Holland School District


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