Program 10

The Goals & Dreams Show!


Character Education: Goal Setting

For Audiences – Pre-K to 8th Grade

Are you too young to set goals and work toward your dreams? Kevin first discusses that you are never too young or too old to have dreams and work toward your goals. He has real life stories of young people who decided to follow their dreams and become very successful in grade school and shows students how they can begin working on and achieve their goals now – not “someday”.¬† Drawing on personal experience, Kevin reveals the many secrets of his successes and how he worked toward achieving his goals and dreams starting at a young age. He inspires students to understand how to believe in themselves, be consistent in their action, and move a step closer everyday toward reaching their goals. Kevin excites audiences with fun, familiar, and upbeat songs and actively engages the students for an enjoyable and memorable learning experiences.


“I have seen Kevin’s shows many times, and every time he is energizing, fun and educational! As an elementary principal, I know that Kevin is utilizing his time to make an impact on kids – and they love him, as do the teachers. Thank you Kevin!” – Julie Flanagan, Principal – Windermere Intermediate – Amherst Central School


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