Program 7

Rock The Test Show!


Character Education: Test Taking

For Audiences – Pre-K to 8th Grade

Kevin wrote his ROCK THE TEST show for a school that want to get the kids excited about tests and teach students a few tricks that will help them in all testing situation. Kevin shows the kids that testing is a part of life, not just in school and he gives students ideas about to handle tests and all stressful situations. Drawing on personal experience, Kevin reveals the many secrets of his successes and inspires students to understand how to do well on all tests.  This show has also been given as a reward to students after testing. Kevin excites audiences with fun, familiar, and upbeat songs and actively engages the students for an enjoyable and memorable learning experiences..


“Thanks again for the great performance.  As I told you last week, I arrived to the assembly a few minutes late due to scheduling conflict with another meeting.  When I finally made it I saw our entire school standing at their seats singing popular songs that really sent a strong message of love for self and taking care of our bodies and each other.  The kids (and teachers alike) were genuinely enjoying the message, music, and camaraderie in this chaotic time of high stakes testing, teacher evaluation, and implementation of new curriculum.  The light show that corresponded with the music was an added bonus for sure!  As one student so simply put it, “That was the best assembly of the year!”  You are more than welcome back here any time.  Good luck with all of your future endeavors!”Mr. Ryan Sikorski, Assistant Elementary Principal, Fredonia Central School District


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