THANK YOU! – I am  very grateful for all the great feedback over the years! Please see below for some testimonials & reviews regarding my show. I feel very blessed to perform music as my career for over 25 years and at schools for almost 15 years. Thanks to everyone on this page and everyone who has helped me in this journey. It continues to be amazing!  Thanks!”  – Kevin

(This starts with a few favorites then goes in order by date)

Clarence, NY – Principal – December 1, 2023

Clarence Center Elementary – Clarence School District

“Our students had an absolute blast! Thank you so much for putting on an engaging show packed full of good character work for our young people. It surely is a forever memory for us!” 

Heidie Buffomante, Principal

Hinsdale, NY – Superintendent – September, 2023

Hinsdale Elementary – Hinsdale School District

“I have had the pleasure of having Kevin perform on multiple occasions in multiple districts. His shows are inspiring, engaging, interactive, and fun! Students leave his show feeling proud and ready to conquer just about anything. ” 

Tiffany Giannicchi, Superintendent – Latest show in September 2023

Orchard Park, NY – School Show – September, 2023

South Davis Elementary – Orchard Park School District

“Kevin’s presentation for our kids at South Davis Elementary was equal parts high energy entertainment, active student engagement, and outstanding messaging.  Our students not only enjoyed themselves, they left with a memorable experience and a positive message to carry into their futures.  The kids still fondly mention the assembly months later.  I would recommend Kevin to any school.  He was easy to work with and adaptable to our constraints and needs. ” 

Jonathan Wolf – Interim Principal – South Davis Elementary

                                 Principal (retired) – Orchard Park High School

Lancaster, NY – School Show – May 11, 2023

Hillview Elementary – Lancaster School District

“I just wanted to thank you again for choosing Hillview to receive the Kevin McCarthy assembly. The kids absolutely LOVED IT!! It’s such a great show and captivates the entire audience. We so greatly appreciate it!”

Julie Pouthier – Teacher & Assembly Coordinator   (Sent to the sponsor of Kevin’s show)

Buffalo, NY – School Show – May 27, 2017

Lorraine Elementary – Buffalo School District

“I would like to express our gratitude for the concert that Kevin McCarthy performed for our students.

This is by far the best school assembly I have seen in 30 years.  The message to eat and be healthy came across very clearly.  Kevin had our kids, clapping, singing, dancing, listening quietly, engaged on stage and most importantly, learning.  Simply put, Kevin was outstanding!

Our students loved his performance and has since asked me several times, when can Mr. McCarthy come back?

Thank you for sponsoring Kevin.  Thank you for allowing us to be on the receiving end of his concert and for supporting our students in the Buffalo Public School. I wish you all the success and happiness that comes with inspiring people to be their best.”

Jeffrey Banks, Principal #72 Lorraine Elementary    (sent to Kevin’s sponsor for this school show)

Hinsdale, NY – School Show – September 7, 2023

Hinsdale Elementary – Hinsdale School District

Thank you so much for visiting Hinsdale Central School. Your show was a great way to kick off the 2023-2024 school year. Our students and staff had a blast!

Sara Centanni, Principal

Buffalo, NY – School Show – May 19, 2023

Discovery School – Buffalo School District

“Kevin was just here today and to say that the kiddos loved the show was an understatement.  It was our first real assembly in years and it was loved by all.  I heard kids leaving school saying today was the best day of my life.  It was so refreshing to hear our students say those things especially heading into the weekend.  Mental health has become the top of my priority list and it starts from the day you are conceived in my eyes.  We all need to be kind to ourselves, believe in ourselves, and do what makes you happy – and that was a clear message that Kevin delivered to our k-5 students at Discovery School. Thank you for the opportunity we enjoyed it thoroughly.”

Jenny Hart and Discovery School Students Teacher & Assembly Coordinator    (Sent to the sponsor of Kevin’s show)

Williamsville, NY – School Show – March 24, 2023

Maplemere Elementary – Sweet Home School District

“Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for coming to Maplemere to perform your amazing show! (Celebrating Reading) I have been getting great feedback from students and teachers. To put it simply….They LOVED it!  I hope we can have you back sometime in the future! Good Luck with your show tonight! Thank you again,”

Cindy Hiwiller – Reading Interventionist, Maplemere Elementary

Buffalo, NY – School Show – May 14, 2018

South Buffalo Charter School – Buffalo School District

“Thank you, Kevin! I received letters from students, posters, and cards from classes thanking me for having the show come to our school! The students raved about it all day & absolutely loved the show! Best show at our school in all time!  I showed my principal some videos and said that we MUST have you come every year!”

Jennifer Miller, Kindergarten Teacher  & Assembly Organizer

Rochester, NY – School Show – April, 2019

Southlawn School – West Irondequoit Central School District

“WOW!!! Your show was absolutely AMAZING!!! I have had so many teachers stop in and students share with me how much fun the assembly was today or how it was the best assembly we have ever had. What a perfect and fun way to come back from a break. It was so engaging and I loved how the kids were involved from the beginning to the end. I would love to book with you again next year and plan to share your name with the other team leaders at our other elementary buildings. Thank you again for what you do, you truly were an inspiration to our students!!”

Andrea Klips – Teacher, Team Leader, & Assembly Coordinator

Starpoint, NY – School Show – May, 2019

Starpoint Primary & Intermediate Elementary – Starpoint School District

“Kevin came to our school to help celebrate the tremendous success of a fundraiser for our primary and intermediate schools. As always, he added an energy and party atmosphere to the event, he had all the 1400-plus students, ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade, on their feet, dancing, singing, and cheering. I have been teaching for 20 years and, for the majority of my career, I have had the responsibility of booking and hosting performers for various events and each year I say that Kevin McCarthy is my favorite entertainer that we have ever had.  He is a tremendous performer, engages the students, provides a positive message, and his participation in our celebration is a testament to his character.  I look forward to working with him and having him come to our school for years to come!”

Patrick Root, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Kenmore, NY – School Show – March 3, 2023

Lindbergh School  – Kenmore-Tonawanda School District

“Thanks so much Kevin!  Your show was great.  It was nice to see the kids dancing and singing and having fun. We really appreciate you coming to provide a nice show for the students that emphasized the importance of reading!”

Abbey Kwientniak – Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Palmyra-Macedon, NY – School Show – October 6, 2022

Palmyra-Macedon Middle School  – Moravia School District

“Kevin, It was nice to meet you and we enjoyed having you visit Pal-Mac Middle School. Your presentation was a great fit for our middle school’s Career Day – a day focused on looking ahead toward college/career. Your personal message about turning your passion for music into a career was relevant and shared in a fun, engaging manner. Students were able to share back the steps you introduced to them about meeting the goals they set for themselves. Students and faculty enjoyed your music and singing as well as dancing along with you through the performance. Thanks for spending the day with us. I hope our paths will cross again in the future.”

Dr. Darcy Smith – Principal & Assembly Coordinator

Moravia, NY – School Show – October 12, 2022

Millard Fillmore Elementary  – Moravia School District

“As always, Kevin delivered a high energy, positive, and uplifting performance.  The kids absolutely loved it!  This was by far the best assembly we’ve had in a long time, and it was much needed.  Thanks Kevin!”

Matthew Loomis – Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

Buffalo, NY – School Show – July 7, 2022

Falk School Elementary  – Buffalo School District

“We loved every minute of it, you are so talented, the kids and staff are still talking about it, thank you!!!

Laura Collins – Principal and Assembly Coordinator

Dunkirk, NY – School Show – May 31, 2022

Dunkirk Intermediate  – Dunkirk School District

“I just want to say that the Kevin McCarthy show was  a solid hit for our school. Teachers, staff and students are STILL talking about it as of yesterday and the concert was last week Tuesday. I have received more than a dozen emails from parents saying ” This concert was the topic at our dinner table” or ” It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.” And my favorite one, “I didn’t want it to end!” Kevin had the kids engaged the entire time and there was never a dull moment! Teachers were even dancing with the students during the show lol! ”

Phil Schneider  – Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

Niagara Falls, NY – School Show – May 27, 2022

Kalfas Elementary  – Niagara Falls School District   *this was sent to the sponsor of the show.

“I just wanted to let you know how much Kalfas Elementary School enjoyed the performances Mr. McCarthy put on at our building on 5/27.  He performed two shows, and after each one, every single person left the gym drenched in sweat.  The whole place was participating in the dancing and singing.  It was such an awesome sight to see.  Honestly, I can’t tell you who had more fun, the adults or the students. Here are some of the things I overheard as the kids were leaving the gym: “That was the most fun I ever had!”, “That was so awesome!”, “This was the best day of my life!”, “Do we have to leave?!”,“I never danced so much in my entire life!” One of our special education teachers sent me this:

“As a special education teacher servicing students with Autism, I am amazed at what a great job Kevin did with engaging my students throughout the show! They absolutely loved the lights and the music was just the right volume for students with sensory overload!” -Christa Frost

It was the perfect way to end our week.  I can’t tell you enough what a great time we had. Thank you again for providing us with this experience!”

Amanda La Chance – Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

Marilla, NY – School Show – May 18, 2022

Marilla Primary – Iroquois School District

“THANK YOU!!!!  You always put on an entertaining show that is engaging for ALL the students. It was so nice to see them all having so much fun, smiling and laughing and lots of singing 😊 It is what we all needed.  Have a wonderful summer and hopefully Marilla Primary will see you sooner than later.”

Jill Peresan – Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

Williamsville, NY – Outdoor School Show – October 22, 2021

Maple West Elementary  – Williamsville School District

“We all had such a great time and owe you a huge thank you for bringing joy to our school after a hard couple of years. Thank you for braving the cold and bearing with us. We are so appreciative and look forward to more concerts in the future . Wishing you a Happy Halloween week! Thank you again – so very much, -Jessica (and all your friends at Maple West)”

Jessica Parker – Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

Wilmington, NC – Ocean Resort for Families – April 2021

Shell Island Resort, Wilmington, NC

“You did a great job and we loved having you we hope you and your family have a wonderful year!!”

Dara & Crysta – Managers of Shell Island Resort

Buffalo, NY – Virtual School Show – December 22, 2020

Frederick Law Olmsted BPS 64 – Buffalo School District

“Hi Kevin, Thank you again for everything! The kids were so excited and talking about the concert on Wednesday. They loved it!  Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!”

Stacy Valvo – 4th Grade Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

Hannibal, NY – School Show – May, 2019

Fairley Elementary – Hannibal School District

“Hi Kevin!  THANK YOU! The show was awesome! We heard many positive comments from the teachers and students!  You’re the Best!”

Lynn Halliwell – Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Kenmore, NY – School Show – May, 2019

Hoover Elementary – Ken-Ton School District      *sent to Kevin’s sponsor for this event.

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you how WONDERFUL the Kevin McCarthy assembly was.  The kids loved every minute of it!!  He is extremely professional, had a wonderful rapport with the students, had a great message of setting goals and going for them and he was fun.  Thanks so much for the wonderful prize.  We can’t say enough about how great it was and we feel very lucky.”

Heather Ratka  – Teach & Assembly Coordinator

Silver Creek, NY – School Show – April 2, 2019

Silver Creek Elementary School – Silver Creek School District

“Thank you again! I appreciate your energy, messaging, and commitment to a better world for our children. Thanks again and I’m glad to continue hosting you and sharing your contact information with many. ”

Merrie Maxon, Principal – Silver Creek Elementary

Sinclairville, NY – School Show – January 24, 2018

Sinclairville Elementary – Cassadaga Valley School District

“Our students and staff were absolutely astounded at the show you provided for us. The way that you mixed current music that the kids know and love with your message was excellent. We will definitely be looking to get you back here at some point in the near future! #WeAreSinclairville”

Josh Gilevski, Sinclairville Elementary School Principal

Buffalo, NY – School Show – May 14, 2018

South Buffalo Charter School – Buffalo School District

“Thank you, Kevin! I received letters from students, posters, and cards from classes thanking me for having the show come to our school! The students raved about it all day & absolutely loved the show! Best show at our school in all time!  I showed my principal some videos and said that we MUST have you come every year!”

Jennifer Miller, Kindergarten Teacher  & Assembly Organizer

Starpoint, NY – School Show – September 27, 2018

Starpoint Elementary School – Starpoint School District


Thanks so much for coming!

As always, you put on a great show.  The kids and teachers all enjoyed it (although, one kindergarten teachers said that she told her class that they were going to a Rock Show with singing and dancing and, afterwards, one of the kids said, “but the guy didn’t bring any rocks!  no round ones, no pointy ones…”).

I’ve seen a ton of shows/assemblies over my 20 years here and your show is still the one that I enjoy the most. As long as you are doing this and I am in charge of our PBIS committee, you’ll be coming every September for our kickoff!  So, I’ll be in touch in the spring and see you next year!”

Patrick Root, Teacher  & Assembly Organizer

North Collins, NY – School Show – October 12, 2018

North Collins Elementary School – Starpoint School District

“Kevin…. We all THANK YOU!!  Your show was so much fun and sent the right message about reading! I know the staff had as much fun as the kids, and everyone has been praising you all day!  I will get an article and photos in our next N.C. “Perspective” newsletter and send you a copy.  THANKS again for a very memorable assembly!!”

Barb Ferry, Teacher  & Assembly Organizer

Akron, NY – School Show – May 7, 2018

Akron Elementary School – Akron School District

“We were so fortunate to have him here at Akron. What a great message he was able to deliver to our students. Our student’s had a blast! They loved the fact they were able to get up dance, sing, clap and get involved onstage. He had them engaged every step of the way.

Our staff, faculty and students can’t stop talking about what an impressive job he did! Our principal can’t wait to ask him back for next year. He was awesome to work with and the show was outstanding.”

Brittany Schukraft, Physical Education Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Buffalo, NY – School Show – May 18, 2018

Frederick Law Olmsted BPS 64 – Buffalo School District

“Just wanted to let you know that your concert was fantastic! The kids and teachers could not stop talking about it! It was fun, energetic, kept the kids attention and gave a great message! What more could you ask for in a school event! I highly recommend!

Thank you Kevin!


“That was the best thing I ever had!” Sofia S. 3rd grade
“It was AWESOME!” Ivy N. 3rd grade
“The concert was one of the best I attended, a lot of fun!” Donna D. teacher”

Jane Orcholski, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Lancaster, NY – School Show – April 27, 2018

Hillview Elementary – Lancaster School District    

“Thank you for bringing this amazing show to Hillview Elementary School! The kids absolutely loved it!
They were so engaged from beginning to end. So much fun and such high energy! The kids were so excited to recieve
the autographed book marks as well. Thank you for all that you do to help educate and encourage our youth to be
active and healthy!

Julie & Abby

Julie Pouthier,  Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Harrisville, NY – School Show – March 26, 2018 – East of Watertown 

Harrisville Elementary & Intermediate 

“Thank you, Kevin!  The kids loooooooovvvvedddd it!”

Liza Pominville,  Teachers and Assembly Coordinator

Williamsville, NY – School Show Sponsor – October 20, 2018

Anna was Kevin’s contact  – Kevin’s show is a reward for schools in the program.

I wanted to reach out to let you know that I have accepted a new position at ——  and my last day at the will be on Friday, November 2nd.

I have loved working with you over the last six years! It has been great to have the opportunity to offer your amazing wellness show to so many different schools and to hear their amazing feedback each time! I will always remember the numerous stories from teachers about their students saying it was the best concert of their lives and being overall excited to have you there! I will miss working with you. If you have any questions on scheduling your performances for the spring, please feel free to reach out to April until they hire my replacement.

Thank you so much!

Anna Jaremko – Project Manager    (Thank you for everything Anna – you were amazing to work with and I will miss you!)

Buffalo, NY – School Show – April 2017

Bennett Park – Buffalo Public School  #32
“Today our students were welcomed back to school after our Spring Break Vacation with the AMAZING Kevin McCarthy Concert sponsored by Independent Heath.

I have to say in my 30 plus years of teaching, I have never seen a group of students enjoy a concert or any type of presentation as much as they enjoyed today’s event.

Singing, moving, clapping, dancing, stomping, videos, an incredible light show like no other, valuable lessons about being healthy, all presented with unbridled enthusiasm – what more could a group of students and teachers possibly ask for?!?!

Here are some direct quotes from two of my students:

“This was the best concert ever!” – Doriannah B. (3rd grader)

“Today is the best day of my life!” – Emani H. (3rd grader)

Thank you so much for this providing this extremely entertaining and informative concert.”

Linda Licata, Teach & Assembly Coordinator

Orchard Park, NY – School Show – May 2016

Windon Elementary – Orchard Park School District
Thanks Kevin.  Great show!   I’ve been questioning the kids about what they learned.  It’s amazing what they’ve retained and how much fun they had.  Emotional learning strikes again !  Your show is spot on! Hope the opportunity to have you back can happen. Have a great summer!”

Wendy Lewandowski, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Western Pennsylvania – School Shows – November 2015

Corry Elementary & Corry Intermediate – Corry School District

“Thank you so much for the engaging and inspiring program that you offered to our students. It isn’t an easy task to get more than 500 children ranging in age from 3 to 8-years-old, to truly understand the powerful message that you so easily articulated! Your high energy level and visually stimulating multimedia effects allowed every child to actively participate. This was the second time that you presented one of  your amazing programs to our school and we were once again thrilled with the performance! We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Teresa Pearce, Principal, Cory Area Primary School

Central NY – School Show – March 2016

Millard Fillmore Elementary – Moravia School District
“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your performance yesterday  at Millard Fillmore Elementary.  We so appreciated your upbeat approach, enthusiasm, excellent control and management, and your choice of contemporary music and video. It was an all around great show with a great message. We planned to have you back next school year. We will be getting in touch within the following weeks or months to schedule that. Thanks again!”

Shelia Hatfield, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Rochester NY – School Show – April  2016

Autumn Lane Elementary School – Greece School District
“Thank you from the bottom of our Autumn Lane hearts for your concert and your message.  Here’s some quotes from show…”

“In all my years of teaching, I have never attended a concert that was so effective and uplifting in its message and delivery.”  Pre-K teacher

“I found myself referencing Mr. Kevin’s messages throughout the day so naturally, because these are the things I am always trying to reinforce in my classroom. Now the kids have a new reference point.” Kindergarten teacher

“I was moved to tears when we were chanting ‘We are Autumn Lane.’  It brought me back to my sense that there is something powerful about being in this Autumn Lane community.”  2nd Grade teacher

“It is refreshing to now be referencing this memorable event in our PBIS work.  The piece about listening with our eyes before we listen with our ears is a particularly rejuvenating approach to active listening.” 2nd grade teacher

“Bring him back next year.” – too many teachers to count

“I will always remember that Mr.Kevin said I need to respect my family.  I only get one mom and I need to respect her.” – Edward, 2nd grade student

“My teacher was dancing and singing, too!” – Kalini, Kindergarten

There were many more, but I hope this gives you a taste of the door you re-opened for us in such a powerful way.  I just know our paths will cross again.

Blessings to you, your family and your important work –


Kathy Welch, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

Clarence, NY – School Show – June 2016

Harris Hill Elementary – Clarence School District
“Hi Kevin,  It is also nice to talk with someone who “gets” doing a production for kids that is engaging, inspiring, age-appropriate and professional.  You have always been a hit at Harris Hill, but I am sincerely impressed by your growth as a performer and teacher of this age group. I look forward to meeting up with you again sometime soon.  God bless you and the work you do for our youth.”

William Lambert, Harris Hill Music Teacher

Central NY – School Show – September 2016

Mllard Fillmore Elementary – Moravia School District
“You’re performance was absolutely AMAZING! Adults and students alike, loved the performance. We appreciate you so much. I only regret that I wasn’t able to see you off. We’re definitely hoping to have you back in the near future.”

Sheila Hatfield, Millard Filmore Teacher & Character Education Committee Assembly Coordinator

Williamsville, NY – School Show – September 2016

Forest Elementary – Williamsville School District
“Hi Kevin,

We love having you every year.  You are a terrific entertainer.

Good luck with all of your upcoming shows!”

Keith Wing, Principal, Forest Elementary

Akron, NY – School Show – June 2016

Akron Elementary – Akron School District
“Hi Kevin,

We cannot thank you enough for the great show at Akron. The students and teachers had a fantastic time. I sent a few things to Anna about the fantastic job you did. The kids are still talking about it.  Have a great summer!”

Brittany Schufraft, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator

WNY School Show – March 2016

Northwood Elementary School – West Seneca School District
“Thank you for visiting Northwood.  The program was awesome!  The children loved it.  It was right at their level. The students were engaged, and you presented a great message.

A few teachers told me it was the best assembly they have seen in a long time.

We’re glad you came, and hopefully we’ll be able to host you again in the future!

Have a great day!

Tracy Gerardi, Northwood Music Dept. – Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

Rochester, NY – School Show – September 2015

Sherman Elementary – Rush-Herietta School District
“You had AMAZING crowd control and I LOVED your video. The message is so powerful and I think EVERY child had a smile on his/her face through the ENTIRE performance. I LOVED watching them all sing….Thank you for coming. I know we  will be calling you for next year! I did not hear ONE negative comment. You  provided us a very powerful and enthusiastic school year kick-off. Thank you!!!”

Kim O’Mara, Assembly Coordinator – Sherman Elementary

Rochester, NY – School Show – February 2015

Cobbles Elementary – Penfield School District

Ranked Rochester, NY’s Top Elementary School!  (Number 1 ranking in 2014).

“Hi Kevin,

I want to thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to our building, as we all learned some important information about how to take better care of ourselves.  With the students cooped up inside during these frigid months, your energetically engaging presentation was just what we needed to get through the rest of the winter months.  More than one student told me, “That was the best assembly I’ve ever been to”.  Hope to have you back again! Thank you! ”

Don Bavis, Principal, Cobbles Elementary

Western New York – School Assembly – May 2015

Wyoming School District – Wyoming School District
“The kids and staff alike had an awesome time singing and jumping and laughing and clapping and LEARNING.  You’re not only a wonderful entertainer, but a super educator as well.  Kids listened to what you said and took it all in.  One boy asked if we could have more “rock concerts” at school…:-) Your presentation amazed the  kids and filled our gym with lights, music and excitement (I loved the new video portion of the show!  Very cool!) You truly are a “rock star”. I’m attaching a photo of your audience…enjoy it as much as they enjoyed watching you!  We hope to see  you again next year!  Sincerely,

Kim AlfesTeacher & Event Coordinator, Wyoming Central School

WNY School Show – September 2014

Starpoint Elementary School – Starpoint School District
“Hi Kevin, Thanks again for the fantastic show!!! This show was as more of an  “event” than an assembly!  I’ve been booking entertainers for our school for over a decade and this was without a doubt the most enjoyable and best received show we’ve ever had (by both students and staff).  As I looked out at the audience, I was in awe and inspired, there wasn’t a single person without a smile, every single person was singing and dancing.

The energy in the auditorium was amazing, the students were engaged and excited throughout.  Your messages were also very appropriate and well thought out. When I returned to my room and teach, the students kept talking about you and how much fun they had and when I went for lunch in the faculty room, the teachers were trying  to brainstorm reasons to bring you back BEFORE the next year (and I personally was excited to return home and tell MY family about the show)!  Even in this day of limited budgets and funding, this show is worth every penny that you can find to invest!”

Patrick Root, Teacher and Assembly Coordinator, Starpoint

Western Pennsylvania – School Shows – November 2015

Corry Elementary & Corry Intermediate – Corry School District
“My students absolutely loved the assembly this past Tuesday.  I
personally, loved the message he brought.  I felt that he brought an
inspiring message in a very up-beat positive way that the students
could relate to.  If we could only have one presenter next year, I
would vote for him”.

Daniel Daum, Principal, Corry Intermediate

Additional Feedback from other teachers in at Corry…

“It was so much fun! The kids were engaged the entire time! Very positive!”

“I thought his presentation was a great combination of a positive message and physical movement. He really did a nice job of incorporating positive pop songs and the kids had a blast!”

“It is one of the best assemblies we have had. The students were engaged the entire time.  Some of our lower students who sometimes have difficulty staying on task and focusing had no trouble through this assembly. I loved seeing their energy level. This was a great assembly for this time of year.  It is dreary, cold and wet, so the students cannot get out – this was energy filled and very active.”

“I thought it was terrific!!  The kids loved it!!  They were up and moving, he had their attention, and he gave a good message.

WNY School Show – August 2015 – Evening Show!

Franklinville Elementary – Franklinville School District
“Thank you so much for another wonderful show!  It was great to have you part of our back to school picnic”

Jessica Schirrmacher-Smith, Principal, Franklinville Elementary

WNY School Show – June 2015

Heritage Heights – Sweethome School District
“Thanks Kevin-

Great show! Songs, lighting, videos and message made for both an entertaining   and informative show. It was a great end to our Friendship Day”.

Scott Wolf, Principle – Heritage Heights Elementary

WNY School Show – June 2015

Williams Street School – Lancaster School District
“Our Students thoroughly enjoyed your concert and inspirational message on bullying, self esteem and friendship they are still talking about it We are so grateful and hope to invite you again sometime! Thank you so much!”.

Peg Barrett, Assembly Coordinator – William Street School

WNY School Show – February 2015

Hillview Elementary – Lancaster School District
“Kevin McCarthy’s character education musical performance was fun, uplifting and enjoyable for our students and staff members.  The presentation sent a beneficial message to our school community about the power of positivity and the importance of making good choices.  We were impressed with this enthusiastic and energizing show at Hillview.”

Mrs. Amy Moeller, Principal, Hillview Elementary

“Everyone LOVED the event; from teachers, to parents, to students,
there was nothing but positive feedback!  Thanks again for all you do!
It’s certainly a cut above any school assembly I have ever seen! “
Devonie Lorigo – PTA President of Hillview Elementary

WNY School Show – September 2014

Sidway Elementary – Grand Island School District

Thanks for putting on a great show! The kids and teachers really enjoyed it! You really did a wonderful job incorporating great messages into the show.

Thanks and see you in June!   (they have already hired Kevin for another show in June!).””

Marlene Beck

PTA Co-Vice President of Programs – Grand Island

WNY School Show – November 2014 – Evening Show!

Franklinville Elementary – Franklinville School District
“Thank you for coming!  It was a great show…so much positive feedback.  The kids were excited to share how much fun they had that night.
Below is a great picture from the show.  :)”

Jessica Schirrmacher-Smith, Principal, Franklinville Elementary

WNY School Show – September 2014

Country Parkway – Williamsville School District

(This was Kevin’s 5th show there over the past few years! )

“Kevin!  Thank you so much for that amazing concert you put on for our school!  Teachers and Students have been talking about it non-stop!!!  Thanks again!”

Linsay Pecoraro, PTA President – Country Parkway School, Williamsville

WNY School Show – May 2014

Starpoint Elementary School – Starpoint School District

“Thank you for the smiles you put on our students’ faces!  Your inspiring message was clear, and presented in a fun, energetic way that really connected with the kids.  As one of the students said, “I never thought my first awesome party would be at school!”. By the time you were done, our auditorium was busting at the seems with happiness!!  Thanks again Kevin!”

Jillian Allessi, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator – Starpoint

WNY School Show – October -2014

Erie County ‘s Anti Bully Kickoff – hosts Erie County Executive Mark Polocarz
“Hi Kevin,

Anne from the library called to tell me again how great you were.  She said that this was the best Anti-bully kick-off they have had and it had a lot to do with you!

Yea!!!     thanks!!! Tara”

Tara Taylor, Program Coordinator, Young Audiences of Western New York

WNY School Show – November 2013

Royalton-Hartland Elementary School – Royalton-Hartland School District

“Just wanted to let you know how much the children and I enjoyed the assembly with Mr. McCarthy.  That was the most energizing, engaging, educational, and motivating assembly I have experienced!  Thank you so much.
Have a great day!”

Jan Cilip
Teacher & Assebmly Coordinator
RHTA Health and Safety Rep
Royalton Hartland Elementary School

WNY School Show – 2013

Fredonia Elementary School – Fredonia Central School District
“Hi Kevin, What a great performance you put on last week! The students and staff   are STILL talking about it a week later. The positive message, active participation, and kid-friendly, age-appropriate song choices all contributed to one of the best assemblies we’ve had at Fredonia Elementary.   Well done!”

Amy Piper, Principal, Fredonia Central School District

WNY School Show – July 2014

Heim School Summer – Special Needs & Austism School
“Thank you, Kevin! – You did a super job…we loved the show!”

Cheryl F. Geary – Rothenberg
Certifications: NYS Licensure
Elementary Ed., Special Ed. & School Dist. Admin.

Williamsville School District

WNY School Show – May 2014

Grover L. Priess – Eden Central School District
“Our teachers and students can not stop talking about your show!  The students keep asking if we can do it again!  The teachers thought it was one of the best assemblies we’ve had!

I’ve sent over a online request for booking.  I would love to secure a date in October 2014.”

Loren B. Carter, Principal – Grover L. Priess Elementary School

Central New York – Large Pre-School Show – April 2014

Clough School – Rome, NY
“Hi Kevin, You were definitely a hit at Early Childhood.  We look forward to seeing you next year!”

Dianne Blake

Home/School Community Liaison
Rome Early Childhood Program
Clough School

WNY School Show – January 2013

H.O. Brumsted Elementary – Holland Central School District
“Hi Kevin,

“I am sorry I didn’t get to thank you in person yesterday…. You were AMAZING!!!  This was hands down the best assembly we have ever had.  The kids were active and engaged throughout.  I was really impressed with your personalization and your control of the room.  It was a controlled party in a package and I think the kids will be talking about it for awhile.  THANKS AGAIN!!”

Barbara E. Held, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator & H.O. Brumstead School

WNY School Show – May 2013

Woodrow Wilson – Cheektowaga – Sloan District

“Hello Kevin,

First I’d like to thank you again for the wonderful show that you provided for our students here at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School on March 27th.  Our students are still talking about it!  And it has provided an excellent springboard for us in instructing students regarding what to do in bullying situations.

I thought you might be interested to know how we’ve put your STOP & THINK-BE STrong-GET HELP approach to work.  This year, in line with the new DASA regulations, our school is incorporating teacher-led bully prevention lessons right into the school “curriculum”.  Members of our Character Ed Committee, including myself, are developing an age appropriate program that responds to the particular school needs.  As part of our program (the foundation of it really) we’ve decided to adopt your Stop & Think-Be Strong-Get Help approach to responding to bullying situations.    I’m attaching the PowerPoint here so that you can see for yourself how we’re implementing your approach. Next year we plan to expand the 6 lesson pilot program that we started this year, and I know that we will build on your approach.

Thank you so much for sharing this simple, practical, and what I predict will be an effective intervention for students to follow when bullying occurs. We look forward to working with you in the future!”

Joanne Wilton, LCSW-R
School Social Worker
Cheektowaga-Sloan Family Solutions Center

WNY School Show – January 2013

Waterfront School – Buffalo School District

“Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for your amazing performance today!!!!!  The kids and teachers LOVED it!!!!!!!!!
Amy Wolfson, Teacher & Assembly Coordinator – Buffalo School District

WNY School Show – January 2012

Washington West – Olean Central School District
“…We cannot thank you enough for an amazing time for our students here at Washington West Elementary in Olean, NY. Students are still talking about it – the light show and how much fun they had! It was an absolutely phenomenal show. We had no idea what to expect, and we couldn’t have imagined something so incredible! I enclosed thank you cards from our school and I hope to do this again in the future!”

Jen Hendrickson, RN & Assembly Coordinator for this event.

WNY School Show – June 2011

St. Joseph’s – WNY Catholic School
“The assembly went extremely well and the faculty thought it was fantastic! The teachers said wouldn’t be great to have Kevin here once or twice a month or a couple of times a school year to get the kids moving and just enjoy being with each other while learning very important messages! I would highly recommend this program to anyone that inquires.

The kids loved the show! They thought it was cool that you took time to learn their names and remember them during the show. The light show was great and the    older ones loved the music selection and felt you accommodated all ages. The teachers thought you incorporated it all into the show and felt it was the most attentive all the students have been at an assembly in a long, long time!

Thanks for a phenomenal ending to our year! “

Mary Jasinski, Assembly Coordinator & Teacher

WNY School Show – January 2013

Fredonia Elementary School – Fredonia Central School District
“Hi Kevin,

Thanks again for the great performance.  As I told you last week, I arrived to the assembly a few minutes late due to scheduling conflict with another meeting.  When I finally made it I saw our entire school standing at their seats singing popular songs that really sent a strong message of love for self and taking care of our bodies and each other.  The kids (and teachers alike) were genuinely enjoying the message, music, and camaraderie in this chaotic time of high stakes testing, teacher evaluation, and implementation of new curriculum.  The light show that corresponded with the music was an added bonus for sure!  As one student so simply put it, “That was the best assembly of the year!”  You are more than welcome back here any time.  Good luck with all of your future endeavors!”

Mr. Ryan Sikorski
Assistant Elementary Principal
Fredonia Central School District

WNY School Show – April 2011

Clarence Center Elementary School – Clarence School District
“We enjoyed your performance VERY much! The staff & students are still talking about  it – and are asking when we can have you back! We were wondering if you have any Fridays in October as we are planning a PTO event. Have a great day!”

Neil Burns , Principal of Clarence Center School

WNY School Show – November 2011

Little Valley / Cattaraugus – WNY School District

“Everything I have heard from the show has been fantastic! Many of the teachers said they love to have you come back. The students absolutely loved it and have been talking about you since you were here. Thanks again & have a great day!”

Nicole Illig – Assembly Coordinator & Teacher

WNY School Show – June 2011

Our Lady of Pompeii Elementary School – WNY Catholic School
“The students had a ball and the teachers thought it was the best assembly we’ve had in years! It’s a great to have a good message within a terrific performance. Thank you, God bless, and hope to see you again in the future!”

Jane Quiram – Assembly Coordinator & Teacher at OLP

WNY School Show – April 2011

Nardin Academy – WNY Catholic School

“EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME THANK YOU! Some of the students wrote about the assembly, TOO CUTE! I will forward them to you! Thanks again & Keep Moving!”

Kelly Africano – Assembly Organizer & Teacher at Nardin Academy

WNY School Show – December 23, 2010 & December 2011

(Kevin will be performed there again in June 2012 & will be back in March 2014)

Forest Elementary – Williamsville School District

“Hi Kevin, I got more calls & emails today regarding your show. Everyone loved it! Dr. Paveljack (our principal) even said we need to get you again! Thank you!”

President – PTA Forest Elementary – Lisa Torgalski

UPDATE!   Kevin performed their again in December 2011

Thanks Kevin! I heard they all loved it again. I had a couple teachers saying it was fantastic! Good luck to you!

President – PTA Forest Elementary – Lisa Torgalski

“Super!  High energy, uplifting, fun!!!”

Forest Elementary – Speech-Language teacher – Dawn Wurtz

” ‘Kevin’ was outstanding! Extremely entertaining and very “kid friendly” – I love the way he chose the songs that the kids love best. Not to mention, his voice is amazing. I hope we can have him back soon:)”

Forest Elementary – 2nd Grade Teacher – Kim Grimm

“I was at first concerned by the high energy performance. However, very quickly Kevin demonstrated just how very talented he is. He had the children hanging onto his every word. He had the children up and rocking and then back and settled in their seats by just a word or two. I give a two thumbs up for Kevin returning. He is also a very talented singer.”

Forest Elementary 4th Grade Teacher – Mary Kuebler

“I thought the concert was excellent. I know my students enjoyed it and want to when he’s coming back.”

Forest Elementary Special Education Teacher

“LOVED IT!  I have looked into having Kevin for family events as well!”

Forest Elementary ELS Teacher – Allison Matesic

“Hi Kevin, I got more calls & emails today regarding your show. Everyone loved it! Dr. Paveljack (our principal) even said we need to get you again! Thank you!”

President – PTA Forest Elementary – Lisa Torgalski

WNY School Show – June 19, 2009

Hoover Elementary – Kenmore-Tonawanda School District

“Kevin energized our students with his high energy performance…he differentiated for the children by using developmentally appropriate music and instructional techniques…his use of current popular music captured the children’s attention and encouraged their participation. His use of the “oldies” endeared him to our staff…Students eagerly participated proudly and no one wanted the show to be over…He was one of the best performers our school has ever had!!”

Mrs. Fran Paskowitz – Principal of Hoover Elementary School – June 19, 2009 – 2 Shows – Kinder. to 5th Grade – WNY Elementary School – Kenmore-Tonawanda School District

WNY School Show – March 2010

Dodge Elementary – Williamsville School District

“…All the feedback I heard from teachers and students was WONDERFUL! Everyone liked how you were really modern and up to date. The kids all know the popular songs so it was great that they could connect. You also did a really nice job of getting them up, active and involved…that is so good for them. You really kept their attention the whole time (even the teachers!!) Your show was very interactive. I also loved how you greeted the children on their way in and out of the gym. Many adults commented on how impressed they were that you learned so many kids’ names so quicky! It was absolutely awesome!”

Nicole Pavlovich – Teacher – Dodge Elementary School – March 2010 – Williamsville School District

WNY School Show – January 28, 2009

Winderemere Elementary – Amherst School District

“I have seen Kevin’s shows many times, and every time he is energizing, fun and educational! As an elementary principal, I know that Kevin is utilizing his time to make an impact on kids – and they love him, as do the teachers. Thank you Kevin!”

Julie Flanagan, Principal – Windermere Intermediate – Amherst Central School District – 2 shows – K to 5th Grade – January 2010.

WNY School Show – June 5, 2009

Forest Elementary – Williamsville School District

“Thanks so much! The feedback Randy & I received was all positive. The kids enjoyed it, our principal, ‘Dr. Shirlee Paveljack’ thought you were great – as did our staff! Nice Job! It was definitely what we needed for our day, thank you again for coming and we’ll be in touch for the future!”

Jeanne Valley – Teacher at Forest Elementary – Williamsville School District – WNY Elementary School

WNY High School Show – May 2009

Alden High School – Alden School District

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to you for being a guest presenter during our Third Annual Wellness Week. Your professionalism and flexibility is greatly appreciated. I would certainly recommend you to any school that would like to share with their students a real life example of someone who has succeeded in making a career out of their passion (for music)…you are truly an example of a high character individual who maintains a healthy balance in your life….Sharing your perspective made for an extremely valuable educational experience…thank you for for your contribution to our school community…”

Kevin Ryan – Principal, Alden High School – Alden School District

Lancaster High School

“Kevin is someone you can depend on in all situations. I’ve come to know him as a person of consummate skill, lively intelligence, unquestioned honor, and deep sensitivity. Whether it be teaching or coaching, his steadfast manner always shines through. He is very personable and unassuming. He’s a man of integrity and compassion, and someone who can make a difference ‘coaching and teaching students and young athletes. “

Len Jankiewicz – Athletic Director and head Varsity Football Coach at Lancaster High School – Lancaster School District  – Kevin was a paid (& school board-approved) staff member for 7 years. WNY School Show

WNY School Show – 2008

Big Tree Elementary – Frontier School District

“Thanks very much!…your Character Education Program – “I Believe in Me”show’ was fantastic and well worth every penny. Wonderful Job!…”

Elaine Hilfiker & Elizabeth Chiappone – WNY Elementary School – Big Tree Elementary – Frontier District

Family Company Event – Carl Russo 97 Rock – WGRF-FM, Buffalo

“Kevin is a fantastic guy and entertainer that plays an awesome array of songs that will please ANY crowd. If you are looking for a GREAT MUSICAL ENTERTAINER then do like I did and book Kevin for your next event no matter what it is. The crowd was dancing, singing and having a great time all because of Kevin!”

Carl Russo – 97 Rock  WGRF-FM Buffalo, NY – Radio Personality

WNY School Show – 2009

Jefferson Elementary – Kenmore Tonawanda School District

“Thanks so much Kevin, the kids loved your wellness show! You had all the kids engaged and singing-along right from the start. The music was fun and your message was easy to understand and follow. Can’t wait to have you back next year! “

Caroline Wagner – Reading Specialist – WNY Elementary School – Jefferson Elementary – Kenmore-Tonawanda School District

WNY School Show – 2010

Portville Elementary – Portville School District

Hi Kevin, it was a pleasure working with you. Our students totally enjoyed your performance! Thanks again for making the trip to Portville”

Mr. Chuck Hild – Principal –

outdoor concert for Pre-K to 4th grade and community.

“Thanks for a wonderful performance! It was enjoyed by all!

Gail Beyer – Teacher at Portville Elementary School

Buffalo Bisons – Family Events – All-Ages

“Kevin’s act is very versatile and we’ve used him for a number of Buffalo Bisons functions including – Pre-game in main concourse, Main entertainment for our tent parties, Family Day Open House, for our Private Parties for our players and their families. His show is great and he always meets and exceed our expectations!”

Tom Burns – Director of Public Relations & Marketing – Buffalo Bisons

All-Ages – Wedding – July 2008 – Wanaka Country Club

“Nick and I  just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed we were by your performance at our wedding! We couldn’t believe how many people were out on the dance floor the whole night – it was all anyone could talk about, and we were asked over and over, “Where did you find this guy?!” Our guests absolutely loved the music and so did we. It really made our wedding unforgettable, and Nick and I had a BLAST dancing!

We were blown away by your excellent and well-planned performance; you completely exceeded our expectations. We will recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone who wants their wedding or special event to be a fantastic night that they and all their guests will remember. The best part for us was not having to worry about the music selections or that people wouldn’t dance – the entire music delivery was seamless, classy, and tons of fun! Thank you again for everything. We hope you’ll stay in touch, and maybe see you playing again soon! The next time we plan an event, you’ll be the first call we make!”

Nick & Shelia Tober – Wedding July 2008

Photographer – one of the best in WNY! – July 2008

“I wanted to thank you for your professionalism in working with you at the wedding of my photography clients Nick and Sheila. The sound quality of those Bose speakers was outstanding. I liked your high tech set up and the way you personally dealt with everyone at the event. You really had the crowd in a dancing frenzy throughout the evening. I would highly recommend your services to my wedding clients looking for quality entertainment for their wedding reception.”

Frank M. Luterek, Photographer – July 2008  www.frankluterek.com   716-633-2811

Private Party – July 4th in Lancaster

“You did a great job. That’s all my relatives were talking about all weekend! Thanks for having my son play guitar with you! Everyone had a blast! Thanks again!”

Paul C – July 2008

Private Party-  Buffalo Yatch Club – Birthday Party

“I really want to personally thank you because you really made the party a hit! Everyone commented on how great you were and I hope that I will see you at many future parties. It was a lot of fun and people said you felt like a part of our family! So thanks again for everything!”

Lori G – June 2008

Company Private Party

“Thanks so much, Everyone loved you! Some of the comments included – “he’s a great showman, he’s good with kids, has really good selection of songs”…We’re lanning on having you again next year! Thanks!”

Edward Cavan – March 2008

WNY Wedding

“Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding. Everyone had a blast. We appreciate the amount of time you spent with us to plan for the big day and we were thrilled with the outcome!….”

Shawn & Kellie’s Wedding September 2006

WNY Publication

“…’Kevin’ will be back to the ‘Buffalo Irish Center” on March 31rst to play that evening. He is so much fun, so hopefully you can make it…if you missed him ‘on St. Patrick’s Day’ make a point to get there, he is great!…”

Rince Na Tiarna Times – March 2007

WNY School Party

“It was great to see you. ‘The kids loved your show! Thanks so much!” We had such a great response from everyone!”

Wendy – John A Sciole School PTO President. – October 2006

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