Why Kevin?

“No Kevin, No Party, Know Kevin, Know Party!”

Building Enthusiasm & Generating Excitement For Learning!

Kevin is an experienced, award-winning, full-time entertainer! This website focuses on Kevin’s concerts for kids and families. Kevin has been performing professionally for over 20 years. He has played 1000’s of shows for a huge variety of events. He sings, plays guitar, and uses state-of-art for a concert-feel and a full-band sound.

In between songs, he has an interactive educational program that builds enthusiasm and generates excitement for learning. His fun and dynamic show is enjoyed by kids and adults of all-ages! Kevin will work right with you to make your event a big success!

What sets his programs apart from the rest?

Successful educational concerts require a variety of different talents. Kevin draws on a number of life experiences to deliver a top-notch performance enjoyed by students and adults. Here’s a sample of some the experiences he draws upon and what sets Kevin apart from the rest…

  • It’s A Party! – It’s A Concert! – Students and staff new to his show walk in expecting a regular assembly – they are pleasantly surprised as it’s a real live concert and a cool, fun show!  – enjoyed by students and teachers! His message is interactive and inspiring. His songs are upbeat and fun!

  • Unique “Current” Show – Kevin is the only school show performer in WNY that plays and performs current and classic popular songs that the students know and teachers, too! This gives him the ability to immediately connect with the students. Because he draws students in right away, they are much more open to the message. He chooses songs that are upbeat, fun, and appropriate. He is always updating his show and performs songs enjoyed by students and staff!

  • State-of-the Art Equipment – Kevin uses the state-of-the-art Bose PA system. This cutting-edge technology allows for a superior sound that is much more pleasant than traditional “harsh” PA speakers. He also has a state-of-the-art, computerized LED Light Show and video screen for his auditorium performances. He uses state-of-the-art, live backing tracks recorded with real musicians using real live instruments for a superior full-band sound. He records most of these tracks in his studio utilizing the best equipment available in recording technology.

  • Musician – A 2009 inductee to the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, Kevin has been performing professionally for 33 years and full-time for over 20 years. He stays up on the latest music and he draws students in by playing appropriate songs they are familiar with. Kevin is also a 4-Time Winner at the Buffalo Music Awards.

  • Wellness Educator – Years ago, Kevin was a Wellness Coordinator for Independent Health working on his masters degree, when he saw an opportunity to pursue his dream music and entertaining as his full-time career. It was a tough decision, though, because he really enjoys wellness as well! He studied exercise science, sports management, and sports psychology at the University at Buffalo where he earned his degree. He also has a year of masters-level studies at D’Youville College in Health Services Administration. For 8 years he managed a cardiac rehabilitation center in WNY. A Certified Personal Trainer with ACE – the American Council on Exercise, he presented wellness programs at schools, businesses, and seminars all over WNY & the Hudson Valley for Independent Health and continues these programs through his youth show concerts!

  • Coaching – For 7 years, Kevin was a football coach at Lancaster High School. He was a yearly, Lancaster school board-approved, paid coaching staff member. This coaching experience helps him maintain good crowd control while encouraging participation & interaction. He uses a wireless mic and gets right into the audience to involve the students in discussing the key points to his programs. In fact, he loves the fact that he can combine music and coaching for these concerts!

  • Father & Family Member – As a father of 3 and his wife Natalie a first grade teacher, Kevin has the ability to easily relate to the students. He has an enthusiastic approach and doesn’t talk down to the students, but talks with them. Within the music and the message, his approach is to focus on a few key points, discuss a main and key details, and explain in terms that the students can understand. His family is from WNY – he’s one of 6 kids with 14 nieces and nephews & 58 first cousins!

  • Fun & Humor – Making the show fun is the key to Kevin’s shows! By enjoying themselves, the students are more open to the message. He has learned a number of ways to integrate humor into his programs which is enjoyed by all-ages. He calls on student volunteers to help him on stage & gets the students moving and participating. However, he maintains a good balance so the students are easily back on track with the program and the message.

  • Public Speaking – Kevin enjoys speaking as well as performing. He does not read from a script. Because of the huge variety of events he has performed for, Kevin draws on a wealth of public speaking experience. He has the ability to think on his feet and can adjust and adapt his programs for the setting and audience. Kevin is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Training Program, which focuses on public speaking and he has performed and entertained for a huge variety of events all over the the U.S. and from Canada to the Bahamas! (an most recently Ireland!).

  • “Kaizen”– “a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life” – Kevin has adapted Kaizen as his way of life! He is always learning and expanding himself and his programs. He’s a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers so he can keep up with the latest information and trends in his field. He is always trying to learn and improve by reading & listening to latest books & tapes on a variety of subjects which help with his programs. He works daily to balance family and career, with his love of music, entertaining, and wellness. Kevin welcomes feedback from his programs and constantly looking for ways to get better, not only in his shows but in every aspect of his life.

  • Ideal Role Model – Kevin is an ideal role model. He practices what he preaches by exercising, eating right, drinking water, etc. & he is drug & alcohol free. He knows he couldn’t perform as much as he does if he doesn’t take good care of himself. Kevin has followed his life long dream of being a full-time musician and entertainer. One of his goals is to inspire others to do the same. However, he also knows that the road to following your passion is not always easy and understands from experience that there are many struggles and tough decisions along the way. Kevin explains to students why it’s important to begin to develop skills and talent in and outside of the classroom and that you are never too young to begin to try to find their passions and talents in life. Kevin combines these experiences and talents into a program that is fun, interesting, engaging, “cool”, humorous, “rockin’”, full of energy, and with a message that will educate and inspire all who attend!